Compensation & Benefits

Cargill attracts, motivates, rewards, and retains high-performance workers who contribute to the organization’s success. It does so by openly communicating its compensation philosophy and policies.

The compensation policies are aligned with Cargill’s goals and strategies and guided by market trends and best practices. In addition to the base salary, the compensation package includes variable compensation programs as well as attractive and competitive benefits.



Cargill provides comprehensive healthcare and dental care plans to ensure the well-being of its staff and dependants. The company also has a chronic illness management program that monitors special cases.

Group life insurance

To ensure the financial security of staff and their families in case of death, accident, or disability, Cargill offers cost-free group life insurance to all employees, who can also effect supplementary coverage.


CargillPrev is a non-profit private pension provider operated by Cargill. It is designed to offer all employees a safe retirement. CargillPrev provides retirement as well as assistance benefits.

Find out more about CargillPrev.

Canteens and meal vouchers

Cargill has company canteens at some of its facilities, offering staff healthy and balanced meals. At locations with no canteens, the company offers meal vouchers.


Public transportation vouchers are available to all workers who need them. At locations with scarce public transportation, Cargill provides chartered buses to its staff.

School material for children of employees

To support the education of the children of its staff, once a year Cargill distributes a set of school material for students in elementary education (first to eight grades in Brazil).

Yearend benefits

Once a year, during the holiday season, Cargill distributes Christmas baskets or vouchers, as well as toys for employees’ children under 12 years of age.

Credit cooperative

This is an employee initiative open to all. The goal is to provide fast and simply loans at interest below market rates.

Company time celebration

To honor employees who have 10, 20, 30, 35, and 40 years of company time, Cargill holds an annual celebration.

The company also offers resources and programs that vary according to the needs of each business unit, including Employees’ Club – which provides some facilities to staff – and preventive medicine initiatives, such as vaccination campaigns.