Internship program


The aim is to give students the opportunity to supplement their studies with hands-on training.

Intern profile

People who are willing to learn, suggest ideas, and innovate processes.


  • To be in the junior or senior year of their college course in business management, accounting, economics, or computer science.
  • To be in the senior year of their college course in agronomy, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and food production.
  • To have intermediary English language skills.
  • To have good computer skills.
  • For the agronomy and engineering courses, applicants should be willing to have their internships in different regions of Brazil.

Possible work areas


This area supports accounting conciliation and closing, computes contribution and profitability margins, and controls cash flow.

College course focus: Accounting, business management, and economics.

Engineering (plants and ports)

This area follows up on and supports new projects, production processes, plant maintenance, operational costs, product quality control, operational and safety reports, and works with operational teams.

College course focus: Chemical engineering, environmental mechanics, and food production.

Information Technology (IT)

This area follows up on and supports projects, maintenance, and infrastructure installation.

College course focus: Computer science and systems analyses.

Origination (commercial)

This area follows up on and surveys the needs of farmers, pricing, grain purchasing, logistics, trading, harvest analyses, and other activities.

College course focus: Agronomy

Domestic market

This area supports distribution and logistics, planning, sales management, and warehouses – from the time soybeans arrive at the plant to the end product.

College course focus: Business management and economics.

Program structure

  • Development: Individual development plans, learning opportunities, quarterly or half-year follow-up.
  • Benefits: Allowances in line with local needs, chartered bus service and/or public transport voucher, company cafe or meal voucher, healthcare and dental care, life insurance, and accident insurance.

Steps in the selection process

  1. Website application (in February and March)
  2. Lectures in universities (in April and May)
  3. Group discussions (in May)
  4. Final interviews (in May and June)
  5. Hiring (in June and July)

If you are interested in an internship position, send us your résumé