Trainee program

This program develops young professionals to work in several areas of the company.

Trainee profile

  • Innovative and proactive
  • Committed to team work
  • Passion for learning
  • Focused on results
  • Challenge driven


Up to two years after graduation in any of the following college courses: Business management, agronomy, biotechnology, accounting sciences, foreign trade, law, engineering (mechanical, chemical, production, and food), marketing, psychology, chemistry, international relations, and zootechnics. At least intermediary English language skills and a willingness to relocate.

Work areas

Commercial (buying and selling)

Knowledge of the product supply chain, market monitoring, customer service and negotiation, delivery logistics. Supplier relations and development, pricing, logistics, and agreements.


Accounting conciliation and closing, calculation of contribution and profitability margins, cash flow control, risk management, and management reports.


Project and assembly management and plant production and maintenance.

Import and export operations

Work associated with import and export programs, customs clearance, and documentation.


Trading and pricing, monitoring of commodities markets, survey of potential markets, and management reports.


Help prepare and design strategies, mapping initiatives and market surveys, supplier relations, planning, marketing, and trade marketing.

Human Resources

Work with corporate human resources focusing on key subsystems to support the businesses.

Information Technology (IT)

Support to supply-chain systems.

Note: Areas of work change with the specific needs of each business.

Possible work areas

The company has its main office in São Paulo and plants and branch offices in more than 180 cities throughout Brazil. For this reason, it is essential that applicants be willing to move to another city or state.