Learning and Development

At Cargill we are committed to attracting, retaining and training high performing people who embrace the company’s vision and values. The means to achieve this is by maximizing training and development to ensure that employees have the competencies required to accomplish their business objectives as well as develop their career in the company. Training opportunities include on-the-job learning, participating in company programmes and courses, and attending external programmes based on nomination by managers and/or peers.

Employees also participate in performance management programmes to create a road map for their individual success at Cargill and alignment with organizational goals.

Performance Management

This is a structured process in which individual and organizational goals are aligned to ensure employees understand what the company expects from them and managers, based on Cargill’s Leadership Model, can provide coaching and feedback on individual performance, leveraging employee development. Performance Management is supported by the PMP tool, which is used by all company areas.


Through its MaisTreinamento initiative, Cargill offers several courses aligned with the competences described in its Leadership Model. This helps the company attend to the needs specified in each worker’s performance review and development plants, providing in-company training courses.

Education Incentive Program

Cargill’s Education Incentive Program provides subsidies to undergraduate and graduate courses, including MBAs, for specific employees selected because of their good performance and growth potential.

Language program

The policy of the Human Resources department is to subsidize courses in second languages for workers who have shown good performance in their current roles, in order to prepare them for future positions.

Internal opportunities

The Internal Recruitment Program is designed to motivate and value employees, providing development opportunities and the possibility to broaden their professional horizons.

Engagement Survey

The Engagement Survey is a tool used by Cargill to identify possibilities of improvement that can render the employees’ work more pleasant and productive. The company leverages the information gathered in the survey to change policies, procedures, and programs, to keep staff engaged and happy.