Food ingredients

Cargill supplies the food and beverage industry with a broad and diversified line of ingredients. Cargill focuses on creating innovative solutions that meet sensorial and nutritional expectations of consumers. To do so, it develops exclusive systems based on its technical resources and international experience.

Market categories: Cargill is divided into five market categories (see below), which work to connect and enhance their capabilities and to provide customers with innovative products and services. Cargill’s culture of investing in technology has also provided more efficacy in delivering customer solutions.

Categories of the Design, Development, and Application Centers

  1. Dairy products (ice cream, UHT chocolate products, cheese, yogurt, dairy desserts, and dairy products in general): Sao Jose do Rio Pardo (São Paulo)
  2. Confections (chocolates, compounds, candies, and chewing gum): Mairinque, Cosmópolis and Porto Ferreira (São Paulo), and Ilheus (Bahia)
  3. Baked products (bread, cakes, pizzas, muffins, crackers, cookies, cereal bars, confectionary, and baked products in general): Mairinque (São Paulo)
  4. Sauces, Dressings, Margarine, and Mayonnaise: Cosmopolis and Mairinque (São Paulo)

Business Units in charge of producing and supplying ingredients for the food and beverage industry

Starches and Sweeteners: This business unit commercializes corn and manioc-based starches and sweeteners domestically and internationally, which have applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, paper, packaging, carton and animal feed industries. Plants are located in Uberlândia (Minas Gerais) and Porto Ferreira (São Paulo).

Cocoa & Chocolate: This business unit sells cocoa products to local and international markets. The cocoa is produced at our Ilhéus (Bahia) plant and our chocolates and compounds at the Porto Ferreira (São Paulo) plant.

Food Specialties: This business unit provides food and beverage solutions through versatile ready or semi-ready customized systems. Working in tandem with its customers, Food Specialties helps develop products and speed up introductions. Its development center and plant are based in São José do Rio Pardo, state of São Paulo.

Vegetable Fats: At its Mairinque (São Paulo) and Itumbiara (Goiás) plants, this business unit manufactures vegetable fats using various raw materials such as soybeans, cottonseed, and different palms. It also sells consumer products under the market leader Liza™ brand as well as the Mazola™, Maria™, and Gallo™ brands.

Health & Nutrition (CHN): This business unit commercializes products imported from various countries where Cargill produces systems and ingredients associated with health and nutrition.

Texturizing Solutions (CTS): This business unit sells stabilizing systems produced at its Cosmópolis (São Paulo) plant, as well as imported products, chiefly from Europe. The objective is to provide ideal texturizing solutions for applications in the food, beverage, medication, and cosmetics industries.

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